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To all our valued members


We remain open for pickups at the moment but that could change depending on the current climate with the Coronavirus and the availability of volunteers. Please be mindful of the STRICT procedures that have been implemented.

DO NOT ENTER the premises if unwell. Please bring your own biro for signing the register and have your next order filled out before entering so your time is limited in the premises.

Thank you.


March 30,2020


Please note there is a considerable delay with post at present. Be mindful of this when placing orders. Make sure you have sufficient supplies to carry you over. Follow this link to keep uptodate with Australia Post. >

Aust Post


In Case Of Emergency Please Attend Your Local Public Hospital

As a non-profit organisation we serve the community by providing medical appliances, support and advice to members, their families and carers. Our members a have a stoma which is an opening formed on the skin where part of the digestive system empties. This maybe a result of birth defects, cancer, accident or disease. It may be permanent or temporary. Our members range in age from new born to over 100 years. There are approximately 44,000 Ostomates (people with a stoma) in Australia of which 2,300 are our members.

Ostomy Association of South Australia Inc
ABN: 19 265 527 792
1 Keele Place, Kidman Park SA 5025
Phone: 08 8235 2727 Fax: 08 8355 1073
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download PDF order form.

Download Excel order form.



Please note that we will be having our Annual General Meeting on November 8, 2020 at our premises. Note this in your diary if you are wishing to attend. We will publish more information as we draw closer to the event.



Order supplies for one month for:


Order supplies for two months for:


***Conditions Apply, in general there is a 6 month period stomas can change size or shape so new members are recommended to only have one month at a time. The friendly office staff can help with any enquiry

Extra supplies



Please allow 3 weeks to receive postal orders

To save money on cheques or money orders, get your bank teller to deposit money directly into our account…. Please don’t forget to use your member number as the reference !!


1Direct Deposit into OASA’s BankSA bank account

  • Account Name: Ostomy Assoc of SA
  • BSB: 105-074
  • Account: 045 135 240
  • Reference: "YOUR MEMBER NUMBER"

2Cheques and Money Orders

  • Please make payable to Ostomoy Association of SA Inc
  • Money Orders please fill in your name and address on the back

3Visa and Mastercard

  • Phone payments after 1PM please

4Pay in person at OASA office

  • Cash, cheque, credit cared or money order

When to use Accessories

Adhesive Remover Wipes and Sprays
To remove old appliance and any sticky residue left behind, before applying a new appliance.

For cleaning around your stoma, comes as wipes for easy application or liquids to use on soft cloths.

Protect Barrier Wipes and Sprays
To be applied after cleaning skin and before new appliance it provides a protective barrier against body waste.

Creams and Ointments
For hydration of skin, aids in the prevention of dry skin, must be absorbed before applying new appliance or appliance will not stick.

Base/Flange Extender/Frames
Extensions provide extra support and security for your pouch/bag.

For the elimination of odours within an ostomy pouch. To only be put into the pouch not taken orally.

To assist stool move from stoma to bag, to decrease the likelihood of ‘pancaking’ (faeces collecting at the neck of the pouch rather than sliding into the pouch).

For levelling skin folds and scars, allowing better adhesion. May help with the prevention of leakage and prolonging wear time.

For help with red, raw, sore skin (possibly weeping) around the stoma, use sparingly and dust off any excess.

Barrier Seals and Sheets
For extra wear time and extra skin protection. Seals are round or oval in shape, convex or flat. Sheets are 10 x 10cm or 20 x 20cm squares for you to cut out any irregular shape you may need.

All of the seals and sheets should be body temperature before putting them on a clean and dry area. Allow seals and barriers to come away from your skin when ready, do not rip or tear them away.