The Australia Fund

Unfortunately some of our overseas ostomates continue to be disadvantaged because of an inability to access appropriate appliances. They rely on homemade appliances – plastic bags strapped to their waists and/or tin-lids to manage their day-to-day needs. While a stoma saves their life, it is not an easy life and often sees them ostracised from their communities.

In a small way, the staff and volunteers at Ostomy SA help to alleviate some of this predicament with the supply of products through the ACSA Australia Fund.

The Australia Fund was established by ACSA to provide assistance to ostomates in countries where they have serious difficulties or hardships in obtaining or affording basic ostomy supplies, or where they lack adequate post operative care and support.

The fund provides effective, practical assistance to disadvantaged ostomates anywhere in the world by donating ostomy appliances, training Stomal Therapy Nurses and other medical professionals in stoma care, and fostering the development of local self help facilities.

Appliances and other supplies sent overseas are obtained from donations by associations of obsolete, overstocked and unusable stock, as well as donations from hospitals and supply companies. Items are purchased by the fund, where necessary, to meet urgent requests.

Assistance has been provided by the fund to a wide range of countries, mainly in the Asia/Pacific Region. Appliances have been sent to Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Fiji, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea.

If you would like to make a donation to assist in sending returned stock to third world countries, please use our donation form.

For more information, please visit the Australia Fund website.