Certificates for additional Stoma supplies

Medicare has tight criteria for the Stoma Appliance Scheme, outlining the number of appliances that an ostomate may obtain per month or per year. However, some ostomates may require additional supplies due to their specific medical condition.

Ostomy SA is only able to supply additional appliances on receipt of an Additional Supplies Form.

The Additional Supplies Form is available from Ostomy SA and must be signed by your STN or doctor. The additional supplies are only for the appliances and quantities listed on the form.

There are also rules for using your Certificate for Additional Stoma Supplies:

  • Having a certificate does not mean you automatically get extra supplies – you need to include them on your order form
  • The certificate is only valid for up to six months
  • You are responsible for having your certificate renewed if required
  • You can only use the certificate for the appliance stipulated on it
  • You can only receive supplies up to the amount stipulated on the certificate
  • Certificates will not be issued for extra supplies to save you ordering – they are only for members who need above the government allowance each month, and who order each month.

Please note: Certificates for additional supplies do not include support garments.