Holiday supplies

You can travel wherever you like and there is no reason why you cannot travel abroad. This includes camping trips, cruises and air travel. Just remember to:

  • Take plenty of Ostomy supplies with you.
  • Take the appliances out of the boxes and pack them flat, so that they take up less luggage space
  • Keep about a week’s supplies with you (in your hand luggage) just in case some of your luggage goes missing
  • If you are intending to travel for an extended period (i.e 3 months or more) you should submit your order form for those months as soon as possible. Contact Ostomy SA to arrange for supply of additional supplies – you may be required to provide a copy of proof of travel.
  • If you are visiting a hot destination, try to keep your pouches and wafers in a cooler bag.
  • When travelling by car, keep your supplies in the coolest part of the car – avoid the trunk or back window ledge.
  • When travelling by aircraft, remember to make sure there are no scissors or sharp objects in your carry-on luggage.
  • Seat belts will not harm the stoma when adjusted comfortably
  • Review your travel insurance policy to ensure that pre-existing medical conditions & your stoma are not excluded.
  • To avoid problems when going through customs have a letter from your doctor or STN stating that you need to carry the supplies by hand. Details of your appliance and accessories should be included with make, type and code.
  • A Travel Card in different languages may also be useful when passing through customs. Travel certificates can be obtained from Ostomy SA
  • Find out where you can get emergency supplies before a long trip (i.e. local hospitals/ stoma associations). Within Australia product may be obtained from any stoma association by presenting your Stoma Appliance Entitlement card.
  • Take steps to prevent or cope with the onset of diarrhoea.
  • Be sure water is safe before you drink it or brush your teeth with it. If the water is not safe, do not use ice cubes either. Bottled or boiled water is recommended.