Phone contact

The support offered by a fellow ostomate to a new ostomate can be invaluable; someone else who understands the challenges, the triumphs and the day-to-day life of living with a stoma.

Each month, a team of our dedicated volunteers call every new Ostomy SA member to introduce them to the organisation and offer assistance with information about living with a stoma. These volunteers are ostomates themselves and can give appropriate advice about the practicalities of coping with life as an ostomate.

If you are experiencing difficulties and would like to have a phone conversation with a fellow ostomate bookings can be made by contacting our office and we will arrange to have a volunteer contact you.  Remember, however, that our volunteers/staff are not able to make home visits or to give medical advice.

If you are home bound and/or a country member and have medical issues (ie skin problems, regular leaks, etc) we are able to offer a “one-off” phone service with a Stomal Therapy Nurse.   Bookings can be made by contacting our office and we will have our STN ring you back as soon as practical.